Viole à Pavillon Céleste French

Listed only by Irwin, who says:

A String stop of undulating tone, at 8' pitch on the manuals, formed from two or more ranks of Viole à Pavillon pipes. Compared to the Viole Céleste, made from cylindrical pipes of about the same scale, this is a slightly softer céleste, and one of more fragile tone quality. It is not so generally useful as the Viole Céleste, or Voix Céleste made from Salicional pipes. It lacks the warm quality of timbre noted in many célestes of Strings. It is solely on the brilliant side, and not even pungent nor particularly orchestral in tone. It can be tuned to any of the pitch-patterns of a céleste but normal-sharp gives a normal rank for other combinations. Chorded and with couplers it makes an opaque mass of tone which surprises the listener by being bright but not very loud.


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Irwin[1]: Viole a Pavillon Celeste.
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