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Books Used in the Preparation of this Encyclopedia

Adlung, Jakob
Musica Mechanica Organoedi [chapter 7]
Quentin Faulkner, 2002 (unpublished)

Audsley [1]
Audsley, George Ashdown
Organ-Stops and their Artistic Registration
Copyright ? 1921 by H. W. Gray (division of Belwin/Mills; copyright renewed 1949)
Copyright transferred by CPP/Belwin to Manufacturers Hanover Trust in 1988; M.H.T. bought by Chemical Bank; C.B. merged with Chase Manhattan. Most recent copyright holder is Warner Bros. Publications, who said in a letter dated 2/16/2000 that it is now in the public domain.
Along with Irwin, one of two "classic" stop dictionaries. Its comprehensiveness is marred by Audsley's almost constant preaching about what constitutes good tonal design, and his dismissive attitude toward history when he gives it any mention at all. One of the more maddening shortcomings of this book is that in spite of frequent references to other authors, Audsley provides no bibliography. 507 entries.

Audsley [2]
Audsley, George Ashdown
The Art of Organ Building
Dodd, Mead & Company 1905 (reprinted by Dover 1965)
ISBN 0-486-21314-5; 0-486-21315-3
Now in public domain, according to Dover.
References are cited by volume, chapter, and section name or paragraph; for example: "" indicates volume 2, chapter 10, paragraph 6; "I.IV Great" indicates volume 1, chapter 4, section heading "Great".

Barnes [1]
Barnes, William H.
The Contemporary American Organ, 9th ed.
J. Fischer & Bro. 1971

Bedos [1]
Bedos de Celles, Dom Jean Fran?ois
The Organ-Builder (L'Art du Facteur d'Orgues)
Paris 1766-1778
Charles Ferguseon, Sunbury Press 1977
A huge work in two volumes, the second composed entirely of illustrations. While he goes into exhaustive detail on every aspect of organ-building, Bedos mentions only 42 different stops.

Bonavia-Hunt [1]
Bonavia-Hunt, Noel A.
Modern Organ Stops
Musical Opinion (London), 1923 (reprinted by The Organ Literature Foundation, 1974)
no copyright?!?
By the author's admission, not nearly as comprehensive as Audsley or Irwin. Full of information about scaling and construction.

Douglass [1]
Douglass, Fenner
The Language of the Classical French Organ, new & expanded edition
Yale University Press, 1969, 1995
ISBN 0-300-06426-8
Probably the most comprehensive modern treatise on the subject.

Grove [1]
Williams, Peter; Owen, Barbara
The New Grove? Organ
W. W. Norton & Company, 1980, 1984, 1988
Copyrights © variously 1980, 1984, 1988 by MacMillan Press Ltd., Peter Williams, James McKinnon, Reginald Foort, Susi Jeans, Lyndesay G. Langwill, Barbara Owen, and Durward R. Center.
The stop dictionary in this work is a somewhat abridged version of the one in Williams [1].

Hopkins & Rimbault [1]
Hopkins, Dr. E.J., and Rimbault, Dr. E.F.
The Organ, its History and Construction, 3rd edition
London 1877
A comprehensive treatise, but very Anglo-centric.

Irwin [1]
Irwin, Stevens
Dictionary of Pipe Organ Stops, revised edition
Copyright ? G. Schirmer, Inc. 1962, 1965
Along with Audsley, one of two "classic" stop dictionaries. Irwin's descriptions of stops depend heavily on comparisons with other stops. He provides very little historical background, or discussions of differences between different countries or schools of organ building. He seems to have taken much of his information from two sources, the Wanamaker organ in Philadelphia, PA, and the organ in the Cadet Chapel at West Point, NY. Irwin clearly has definite ideas about what stop names should mean, but does not preach the way Audsley does. Many have criticized this book as being inaccurate, with more than a little justification. 488 entries, plus another 140 stub entries.

Locher [1]
Locher, Carl
An Explanation of the Organ Stops
Kegan Paul, Trench & Co., London 1888
Agnes Schauenberg
In the preface, Locher implies that this is the first published work specifically on organ stops. It contains many inaccuracies.

Maclean [1]
Maclean, Quentin (1896-1962)
Organ Tone and Terminology
(unpublished manuscript)
The manuscript in my possession is a copy of a copy of Maclean's rough draft. The final manuscript has apparently been lost.

Osiris [1]

The Osiris Archive of Pipe Organ Specifications


Archives of the PIPORG-L electronic mailing list

Sachs [1]
Sachs, Curt
The History of Musical Instruments
W. W. Norton & Co. 1940

Skinner [1]
Skinner, Ernest M. & Richmond H.
The Composition of the Organ
Melvin J. Light, Ann Arbor MI 1981
The world according to Skinner. Very little historical info, but lots of details about Skinner's scales and construction. Contains a stop dictionary.

Strony [1]
Strony, Walter
The Secrets of Theatre Organ Registration
self-published 1991
Practically the only source for theatre organ stop descriptions, it is unfortunately incomplete, lacking any descriptions of percussion stops. It does contain a wealth of information about the use of each stop in theatre organ registration.

Sumner [1]
Sumner, William Leslie
The Organ: Its Evolution, Principles of Construction and Use, 4th edition
St. Martin's Press 1962
Copyright © 1962 by William Leslie Sumner (through St. Martin's Press)

Wedgwood [1]
Wedgwood, James Ingall
A Comprehensive Dictionary of Organ Stops English and Foreign, Ancient and Modern
The Vincent Music Company, Limited, London 1905
A contemporary of Audsley, Wedgwood shares many of his views on tonal design, but isn't nearly as preachy. Unlike his arrogant contemporary, Wedgwood includes a comprehensive bibliography. The work contains quite a number of delightful anecdotes and descriptions.

Williams [1]
Williams, Peter
The European Organ 1450-1850
Batsford, London 1966
Compact but rich, the stop dictionary chapter is a highly concentrated wealth of information not found in other contemporary works, including much historical information.


Books Not Used

Many of these books were referenced by the books listed above. I have not yet had a chance to utilize them directly myself.
Audsley [3]
Audsley, George Ashdown
The Organ of the Twentieth Century
New York 1920

Callahan [1]
Callahan, Charles (ed.)
The American Classic Organ, a History in Letters
Organ Historical Society, 1990
A fascinating collection of letters between Ernest M. Skinner, G. Donald Harrison, Henry Willis III, Sen. Emerson Richards, Lynnwood Farnam, and others.

Hamel [1]
Hamel, Marie Pierre
Nouveau Manuel Complet du Facteur d'Orgues
Paris 1849
An abridged and updated edition of Bedos de Celles.

Holden [1]
Holden, Dorothy
The Life & Work of Ernest M. Skinner

Kinzey&Lawn [1]
Kinzey, Allen & Lawn, Sand
The E. M. Skinner / Aeolian-Skinner Opus List
Organ Historical Society 1997?

Mahrenholz [1]
Mahrenholz, Christhard
Die Orgelregister, ihre Geschichte und ihr Bau
Kassel 1929, 2. Aufl. 1944, unver?nd. Nachdr. 1968

Praetorius [1]
Praetorius, Michael
Syntagma Musicum II: De Organographia

Regnier [1]
Regnier, Joseph
L'orgue, sa connaissance, son administration et son jeu
Nancy 1850
This is the only ?Regnier? I have been able to find in any organ-related bibliography. Presumably this is the Regnier whom Audsley quotes so often.

Schlimbach [1]
Schlimbach, G. C. Fr.
?ber die Struktur, Erhaltung, Stimmung und Pr?fung der Orgel, third edition, revised by C. F. Becker
Leipzig 1843

Seidel [1]
Seidel, J.J.
Die Orgel und ihr Bau
Breslau 1843? 1834?; English translations 1852, 1952
Heavily referenced by Audsley. Says Wedgwood: ?An interesting book, but teeming with inaccuracies.?

Foreign Language Dictionaries

The New Cassell's German Dictionary, Funk & Wagnalls, New York, 1958-1971.
Cassell's Spanish Dictionary, Funk & Wagnalls, New York, 1960-1968.
Modern French-English Dictionary, Marguerite-Marie Dubois, Librairie Larousse, Paris, 1960.
Webster's Italian & English Dictionary, Robert C. Melzi, Castle Books, 1976.
The New College Latin & English Dictionary, John C. Traupman, Bantam Books, 1995.

On-Line Resources

Osiris [1]
The Osiris Archive of Pipe Organ Specifications

Archives of the PIPORG-L electronic mailing list

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