Weidenflöte German
Weidenpfeife German

Most sources describe these names as synonyms for Salicional, from the Latin word salix (“willow”). Audsley reports that its name means “willow flute”, describing it as a metal flue stop of “extremely small scale and soft intonation”. While this description is consistent with Sumner's and Wedgwood's definitions, Audsley goes on to conjecture that its name implies a flute tone, which is incorrect: a Salicional could never be mistaken for a flute.


Osiris contains thirteen examples of Weidenpfeife, all at 8' pitch except for one at 2' pitch, and only one example of Weidenflöte.

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Weidenpfeife 8', Schwellwerk; Concert Hall, Magdeburg, Germany; Jehmlich 1995.


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