Flue Oboe (unknown)
Labial Oboe (unknown)

Listed only by Wedgwood, who says:

Herr Weigel, of Stuffgart, has also used Quintatön and Viola to form a flue Oboe (Military Church, Strassburg) ... The Quintatön is voiced stronger than the Fugara. Herr Laukhuff, of Wiekersheim, Württemburg, ... has recently (March, 1905) taken up the manufacture and voicing of ... Labial Oboe - Violine and Quintatön.

For more information on flue Oboes, see Orchestral Oboe See also Labial Clarinet, Labial Cor Anglais, Labial Euphone.


Wedgwood[1]: Flue Clarinet.
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