Erzähler Céleste German

Listed only by Irwin, who says:

An undulating 8' manual stop of Foundation tone, made from two ranks of Erzähler pipes, tuned most usefully in the flat-sharp pattern of pitches, since this impairs the pitch of the other stops less in the ear of the listener.
. . .
This neutral-toned and somewhat bright stop makes a good accompaniment for either vocal or organ solo. A single 4' Erzähler rank added to this céleste increases its usefulness with the louder solo stops, since it gives more pitch-support and a little more penetration.
See Céleste.


Numerous examples in Osiris[1].

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>Erzähler Céleste 8', Choir Culver Academies, Indiana, USA Möller 1951 arpeggio St. Anne


Irwin[1]: Céleste; Erzahler Céleste.
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