Echo Dulciana Céleste English

This stop is listed only by Irwin, who says:

One of the softest célestes in the organ, at 8' in the manuals, and composed of two ranks of Echo Dulciana ranks, usually normal-sharp, and very small in scale. It may be called an Echo Céleste or a Vox Angelica. It is a soft accompaniment or background tone to contrast with soft Flutes and Strings.

Bonavia-Hunt mentions it only in passing:

In the organ at St. John Baptist's Church, Holland Road, Shepherd's Bush, there is a very beautiful example of the aeoline by Gern on the choir, consisting of two ranks of slow-beating pipes on an open soundboard; the timbre of this specimen, however, is not in the category of string tone, but is really that of an echo dulciana céleste or unda maris.

Other stops which claim to be the softest are Dolcissimo, Echo Gamba, Fernflöte, Viola d'Amore, Vox Angelica, and Vox Mystica.


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Bonavia-Hunt[1]: Aeoline. Irwin[1]: Céleste; Echo Dulciana Céleste.
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